Passion Led Us here - Influencers Guide - photo by Ian Schneider

We'd love to collaborate with you, if:

  • you are a micro (10K – 100K followers) or macro influencer (100K – 1 million follower) 
  • you create a content related to travel, Ireland, Irish culture, Irish humour, family activities, holiday organising etc
  • your engagement rate is above 2.5%
  • you post frequently (at least 2-3 times a week)
  • your followers are organic ( we will check it)
  • you use aerial photography (nice to have)

    Your authentic voice and the trust your followers place in your recommendations can greatly amplify our visibility and credibility in the holiday rental market.

The Exchange

We would like to show our guests the experience of staying with Trident/visiting a particular Irish location, and ideally we offer you a stay in one of our selected holiday homes in exchange for your deliverables, but we can also discuss the payment compensation options.

Affiliate Marketing

We can discuss your measurable sales-based bonus and provide you with the unique discount codes you can share with your audience.


We would like to see the selection of the below content pieces created in your unique style: Short reel (10sec) | Full-length reel (1 minute) | YouTube review | Multi-photo post | Selection of stories | Blog post/article

Publishing Rights and Approval

All the content pieces must be approved prior to the publication and you agree for us to reshare/repurpose them on our social media channels.

Aerial view from the rocks, influencers guide photo by Karsten Winegeart

How to apply?

Fill the fields below, in the message fields send us your the summary of your digital presence, include the links to your digital profiles, mention your expectations and what you can do for us.